Done is better than perfect.


My Website is done!

Not perfect! Why isn’t it perfect? Because “Done is better than perfect.” That’s why! You might be asking yourself “What in the hell does that mean?” Well, it means that having a good quality product done and out the door is much more valuable than waiting to achieve perfection. How many more people will get to see my website now that I have updated it and will begin pushing content out of it than if I waited until the site was “perfect?” A lot, at least that’s the plan. As is, my site has minimal examples of my work, but as time passes, I will be changing that. I’ll be adding new pieces as I go, but it has the most important bits of info. SOME examples of my work, my résumé, and a way to get in touch with me. Really, for an aspiring freelance graphic designer and social media specialist, what more do you need? Read More…