Infographic | What is it and how do they work?


What is an infographic?

Put simply, an infographic is a picture that has a collection of images, charts, icons, other visual representations, and as little text as possible to help convey large amounts of information. When it comes to making large amounts of data easy for someone to digest, an infographic is a great solution.


Why are infographics so shareable? Modern social media channels are skewing heavy towards imagery, and that’s not just the social media companies’ doing. Twitter user are 150% more likely to retweet a tweet if it has an image. It isn’t just the retweets either. Clicks and faves also increased on the platform when the tweet has an image versus a text-only tweet. Facebook posts with images get 230% more engagement than posts without!

Branded Content

Another great benefit of an infographic is that it can be branded for a company or product. This allows the data and the visuals to become a part of a brand or product’s story. The reader is able to connect the data with the brand or product, thus increasing brand awareness and enhancing brand/product authority

Example of an Infographic

Below is an example of an infographic I created for a client, Aircraft Specialties, Inc. For more information on this infographic in particular, click here to see it in my portfolio.