Infographic | What is it and how do they work?


What is an infographic?

Put simply, an infographic is a picture that has a collection of images, charts, icons, other visual representations, and as little text as possible to help convey large amounts of information. When it comes to making large amounts of data easy for someone to digest, an infographic is a great solution.

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Top 5 New Technology Trends Coming to Agriculture (Content Creation Sample)

Content Creation - Top 5 New Technology Trends Coming To Agriculture

During a recent interview process, I was asked to submit a writing assignment. The task was to draft a blog post combining the following topics:

  • Trends for next generation of Agribusiness
  • How Blockchain will influence the farm-to-table movement

Or a blog post for each topic. Being a certified city boy, the concept of agribusiness was new to me and I had recently learned a little bit about the basic concept of the blockchain. I dug my heels in and did the research for the piece and came up with the following blog post draft. The assignment was very well received and ensured that I entered the next round of applicants. Read More…

FREE DOWNLOAD – PDF form to make writing blog posts faster and easier

Write blog posts quickly and efficiently with this FREE simple 1.7MB PDF form!

Writing a blog post doesn’t have to be a head bashing experience. I use this system to make it much easier on myself, and you can too. In this blog post I’m going to go over my PDF form, what each section is, why it’s in my PDf and what you can do with it. Then I’ll go over how to use the form to write a blog, almost entirely with cut & paste! Of course, what you really want, the download links are at the end of this post. Read More…

Done is better than perfect.

My Website is done!

Not perfect! Why isn’t it perfect? Because “Done is better than perfect.” That’s why! You might be asking yourself “What in the hell does that mean?” Well, it means that having a good quality product done and out the door is much more valuable than waiting to achieve perfection. How many more people will get to see my website now that I have updated it and will begin pushing content out of it than if I waited until the site was “perfect?” A lot, at least that’s the plan. As is, my site has minimal examples of my work, but as time passes, I will be changing that. I’ll be adding new pieces as I go, but it has the most important bits of info. SOME examples of my work, my résumé, and a way to get in touch with me. Really, for an aspiring freelance graphic designer and social media specialist, what more do you need? Read More…

Can Cannabis be a Social Media Cash Crop?

What cannabis businesses and marketers need to know about going green on social media.

Cannabis legalization is a hotbed of activity nowadays. What do ganjapreneurs or the social media marketers working with them need to know? Back in June of 2014, I got to write a blog examining three questions the growing weed industry and its marketers were facing in the new “legalized” age. I discuss the following topics: Read More…