HDR Photography

What is High Dynamic Range Photography?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is the technique of creating an image that has details in both the darker and lighter areas of a standard photograph. The resulting image can be accomplished by either taking bracketed photos (A photo at proper exposure, a photo that is under exposed, and a photo that is over exposed) or through the use of RAW image files. Brackets shots are merged to bring out details that more closely resemble what the human eye can see. A camera will usually lose the details in either the light areas or the dark areas. This is why when you take a picture of a window in a dark room the window will either be completely white while the room is visible or the background in the window will be visible while the room is completely dark. An HDR shot will have both the window and the room details visible, much like our own vision.

The Story Behind the Photos

While visiting Kansas City, MO my wife, mother-in-law and I made a trip to St. Joseph, MO to visit my father-in-law who was working down there at the time. While driving down Lake Avenue in St. Joseph, MO I spotted a beautiful old rusty truck parked next to a building on the grass. I knew I had to go back and take some pictures.

Turns out it was parked next to a barbershop if I’m not mistaken. So I asked my mother-in-law & wife to pull over and let me take some pictures. So there they were waiting in the truck while I set up my tripod and tried to discreetly take some pix of this old truck next to someone’s business.

It was later in the afternoon, approaching evening I would say. The light was right and the different textures begged to be photographed.I could have spent all day photographing this one truck.