Pennsylvania Cannabis Marketing

When approached to create a brand for an emerging cannabis market in Pennsylvania, the client had a very specific vision in mind. They wanted to focus on the natural aspects of the cannabis plants. With a special emphasis on the farming aspect that Pennsylvania is known for. So the task was to present the modern virtues of cannabis cultivation in a manner that spoke to the rich history of rural/farmland Pennsylvania.

Cannabis Logomark

Once again, wanting to elevate the perception of cannabis, I made the conscious decision to stay away from “pot leaf” branding. No crosses and no cannabis leaves. I did opt for a green color to be part of the color palette but a much more earth tone and muted green. The image is a stylized single color illustration of a stereotypical farmhouse that most people can relate to, if not from direct interaction, at least from media. The visual hierarchy is such that gives the logomark priority but only slightly over the main portion of the logotype which is housed in a stylized hexagon.

Cannabis Logotype

I wanted the FarmHouse name to carry much more weight visually than the medicinals portion. I, therefore, used a larger title font called Bungee, part of the Google Fonts library. Its curved corners make it approachable but its thick weight gives it strength and power. It also resembles typefaces used in previous eras in its simplicity. Medicinals is displayed in AvantGarde Medium. A much more modern font. Its clean sans-serif look lends legitimacy to the medical aspects of the product/service provided. The client did not want to have cannabis, or any other terms for the plant, in the name of the brand. They did, however, want to emphasize the medicinal properties of their product.
Image “Farm on Lititz Pike by The US National Archives on Flickr