Cannabis Dispensary Business Cards

With 9 different locations across Colorado, STRAINWISE® wanted each location to have its own atmosphere and personality. At the same time, they needed to be instantly recognizable as part of the STRAINWISE® brand family.

Brand Consistency

To main time a seamless look throughout 9 different locations, certain items were consistent. The logomark for each location was the same, the color palette was unique to each location, however. Each location was named for a place where a person would want to go to relax, to seek peace and solace. This is why each location has names such as “The Retreat” or “The Grove.” Their names are meant to be welcoming when heard, eliciting thoughts of natural serene environments. To help further the “same but different” concept, I created a template that was used on all the business cards for each store. Logo placement, size, and icons were all standardized. Each card has a photo that is taken at each specific location to further help audiences connect with the business. They see what “The Shelter” looks like before even stepping foot there, for example. Each photo receives the same treatment to make them all part of a series. Overall, this solution was met with high praise from the client.