Cannabis Consulting

The cannabis industry is a multimillion-dollar market. With new areas of operation opening up almost every day. With that, consultants are needed to help emerging market entrepreneurs go forth into the new economy with the best possible chance at success. STRAINWISE® Consulting is one of many consultants in the industry. Their unique value proposition is that they have already consulted on and managed a successful cannabis business empire in Colorado. What they needed was a business card that was relevant to the industry but also clean and professional enough that it was clearly a business with professionals at the helm.

The Business Card Design

One of the very first rules of designing for STRAINWISE® is that the “pot leaf” aesthetic had no place in any aspect of the brand. A more elevated, clean, and professional design was required. To accomplish that, the visual of a cannabis leaf was never used as a primary visual. As with the business card, any images of cannabis vegetation were always photographs that were used as background and somehow muted as to not deter from the main message. The STRAINWISE® Consulting color palette is based on blues, whites, grays, and golden orange. The blues lend a sense of trust and honesty and the whites and grays lend a modern, clean, and almost monochromatic aesthetic to the brand. The golden orange adds a sense of energy to the palette and allows for a great contrast of select visual elements. Portrait orientation for the business cards allows for the logo mark to “stand tall” in the design, giving it a sense of visual importance in the layout. The photo used in the background was taken from an actual STRAINWISE® facility adding credence to the company’s value proposition of knowledge through experience. The geometric pattern hints back to the main hexagon logo mark while allowing for a sense of visual movement in the back and conveys a modern technological feel.

Business Card Production

The final production pieces were sourced with a 3rd party vendor. The cards were printed on a 15pt cardstock with square corners and a gloss varnish to complete the look.