Cannabis Business Advertising

Cannabis businesses aren’t known for their stellar marketing and advertising. Then again, STRAINWISE® Consulting isn’t your typical cannabis business. With a mindset to change public perception of not only the industry but also the plant in general, typical cannabis marketing just wouldn’t be up to brand standards. When the opportunity presented itself to be in the June issue of Cannabiz Journal, I knew I had to up elevate our game.

Modern Cannabis Advertising

I began with determining what the message needed to be. As a company, STRAINWISE® Consulting is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to succeed in the cannabis industry. One quantifiable metric of success is monetary gains. The essence of which is making a sale. There is, however, an incorrect belief by those new or not in the cannabis industry that cannabis doesn’t need help to sell. The message being that STRAINWISE® Consulting can help entrepreneurs make sales. In an industry filled with rules and regulations, experience such as that of STRAINWISE® Consulting helps shorten the road to success. To help maximize the effectiveness, minimize the reader’s need to consume vast amounts of information, and maintain a clean modern look, I took the pertinent information and condensed it into easy to consume bullet points and 2–3 sentence snippets. Once the message was honed in, the next step was supporting imagery.

Cannabis Photography

Not just any old image would do. “Pot Leaves” far too commonplace to help STRAINWISE® Consulting stand out from the crowd. I partnered with a vendor to obtain product for a photo shoot. Using a small lightbox, a DSLR camera, Macbook Pro, Adobe Lightroom CC and a USB tether I took pictures of some amazing product to use in the advertisement. A custom white balance allowed for superb imagery straight out of the camera. With some post-production work, simple color correction, and background removal I had a hero image that was sure to impress. The addition of simple, single line weight icons added quick visual cues to the content and added a final polish to the layout.

The final product is clean with a lot of negative space, a virtue seldom seen in cannabis advertising. The images and content stand on their own and are easy to assimilate for the readers.