Branding an Individual

What do you do when you start freelance consulting and start getting noticed but don’t have a brand? Trick question. Every interaction you have with possible clients is branding. The way you talk, dress, all of it. You are your own brand, whether you realize it or not. The only thing missing is the branded marketing materials. That was the situation a previous co-worker of mine found herself in. So, how do you go about making a personal brand?

The Person is the Brand

When branding a company, you have to do some out of the box thinking when deciding upon a brands voice, visual aesthetic/look/feel. When it comes to branding a person/individual, their voice is the brand voice. What you need to do then is find an aesthetic to go with it. The opening questions, as it has been many times before was “Can you make me a business card?”  I couldn’t say no. I love branding!

The client is a college educated individual with a law degree. She’s intelligent and prides herself on being knowledgeable in her field and ranks communication as a number one priority. She has proven success in the cannabis industry and specializes in the application process for new markets and new businesses in those emerging markets. Basically, if you want to start a cannabis-based business she’d be a good 1st call to make.

After speaking with her, we agreed on some bullet points regarding what her brand should be…

  • Stylish
  • Clean
  • Contemporary
  • Powerful
  • Feminine
  • Personal

Individual Brand Logotype

The copy of the logotype was easy. It’s her name. The font, however, that’s the voice the message, her name is spoken/heard/read in. Having worked with Bethany, I was familiar with her handwriting and so that’s where I began. Is there anything more personal than your own handwriting? As clean and as stylish as her signature was, however, it opens a pandora’s box of problems. One of which being identity theft. I did, however, use her signature as inspiration and found a Font that mirrored it in some regards. Imogen Agnes had large exaggerated uppercase letters with long flowing bars and strokes. The long leg on the uppercase “N” dropped below the baseline, very much in a similar fashion as her signature. The brush-like texture on the strokes added a sense of energy that was powerful yet stylish and played towards femininity.

The secondary font for the tagline, Bebas Neue, solidifies a contemporary feel to the logotype. The CYMK Process colors speak to the clean feminine properties she requested while not exaggerating the tones by going into bright pinks and sparkles. The geometric pattern that hides int he background speaks to the cannabis industry that is her specialty. With chemistry and crystalline structures being a mainstay in the modern cannabis business landscape, it resonates with current industry professionals while avoiding the cliches that have run rampant in a heavily saturated market.