Flyer Design

A simple assignment. Create a 5.5in x 4.25in flyer showcasing a product. However, it was the stipulations that followed that both made this Platt College assignment difficult and terrific at the same time.

  • The flyer can only consist of 3 images. 1 product shot, 1 silhouette of that same product, and a company logo.
  • The flyer is to have a headline and only minimal supporting copy.

In and of themselves, these requirements may not seem like much. However when you begin to realize precisely how limiting they are, the project begins to take on a whole level of difficulty. I chose to advertise the, at the time, newly announced reintroduction of the Ford Mustang in Shelby GT 500 trim. Vehicle photography, when done right evokes a sense of movement, or action, even when the vehicle is standing still. The undeniable lines and shape of the Ford mustang, combined with this image’s lowered angle really give the pony a true sense of power by elongating the deck lid. It makes it seem like the car is almost all engine and the passenger compartment? That was just an after thought. The high contrast presented by the GT 500’s paint scheme, Performance White with Vista Blue racing stripes, almost demand a clean layout, with plenty of white (negative) space. The angle of the photo, slanting up from left to right also implied forward and upward movement, uplifting in both figurative and presentation capacities.

A Legend Returns…

Once I had selected the perfect vehicle and the perfect photo of the vehicle I proceeded to cut out the photo from it’s background. Using a vector mask gave me precise control on the cutout as well as providing mt the silhouette I would need later. I positioned the image and copywrote the headline “A Legend Returns…” Simple and to the point. It speaks to fans of the Shelby and Mustang pedigree, in that most if not all pony car enthusiasts know that the name sake, GT500, had been absent for nearly four decades at the time. The only things left were the Ford “Blue Oval” logo and somewhere to get more information. I included the SVT, (Special Vehicles Team) website, no longer working.

Not only did I receive a passing grade for my project, but I also received an award for it at Platt’s following portfolio show.